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It was apparent to Dr. Yanni through her work as an aesthetic doctor that the lack of accurate and relevant information available was exasperating struggles people were experiencing with their skin.

Are common skin issues such as acne and pigmentation that difficult to solve? Or can a solution be found with the right information and understanding?

Skin Illustrated is designed to be your skin awareness journey.


Allow our talented team to guide you to learn about your own skin and how to correctly choose skin care and make up products for your skin type.

"The most beautiful face is simply

one with healthy skin."

Dr Yanni Xu, Founder of The Urban Clinic @ Raffles City, The Urban Aesthetics Singapore, Skin Illustrated, Brow Illustrated, Hair Illustrated

  • The Urban Aesthetic
  • The Urban Aesthetic

The path to good skin - is quality skin care products

We know that you want to be assured that you are using the best and the safest - so we are as much as possible.

It's in our company's DNA to use only the best hair and skin care products and state of the art equipment. Our products are:


parabens & harmful chemical compounds.


approach with only the essential ingredients.



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